FoxFire Media is an official partner of NectarKast proximity marketing devices. Imagine having your business broadcasted 24 hours per day….7 days per week…to every Android cell phone in range. That’s NectarKast!

NectarKast is a bluetooth beacon that sends the message and link of your choice to every Android cell phone within a 300-ft radius. You can carry it on your person, put it in your car, or place it in your store window. Every person with a compatible device will automatically receive a notification with your custom message.

How Much Does It Cost?

NectarKast is extremely inexpensive. One Nectarkast Beacon is $15 for the beacon, $15 to activate and $15 a month to keep the service live. In short, $45 to get started and $15 per month per device from then on. When you purchase 3 or more, you will also receive message delivery analytics.