FoxFire Media is a design firm based in South Georgia, near the suburbs of Savannah. We are a full-service business specializing in Graphic Design, Branding, SEO, Web Design, and eMarketing for small-to-mid-size businesses & nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to make you look good without hurting your wallet. With every project we seek to balance functionality, visual impact, and cost-effectiveness. We call it "Combining Art and Practicality." Everything we do is done with a personal touch. To us, your business, event, or idea is more than a number on a to-do list. We craft with care with the ultimate goal of making your project look its best.

Who We Are


FoxFire Media is owned and operated by Jeremy Gove. With over a decade of experience in the design field, Jeremy has proven himself to be a driven and reliable self-starter and problem-solver. He boasts a diversified portfolio and work history, which includes time spent at two of the nation’s leading Fortune 500 companies, experience as a contractor for the federal government and as an employee of the State of Delaware in the education sector. He started his first business, a lawn care company, at the age of 17 and managed it while juggling a full-time schedule at the University of Delaware, where he graduated with a B.S. in Management Information Systems.

Outside of his efforts with FoxFire, Jeremy works as the County Clerk and Information Systems Administrator for Evans County, Georgia and serves as Section One Youth Director for the Georgia District Youth Department of the United Pentecostal Church. Quality, collaboration, teamwork, and clear communication are the earmarks of Gove’s work environment. He has experience designing both print and e-marketing materials including brochures, logos, posters, websites, and advertisements. His design philosophy can be summarized in two short, but powerful statements:

“Simplicity is elegance.”  foxfire-ampersand “Good brands never blend.”

About Our Name

Believe it or not, the name FoxFire started off as a joke. When fixing IT issues, users would frequently tell Jeremy that their “foxfire” was broken or needed an update. They meant Firefox, as in Mozilla Firefox, one of the top Internet browsers on the market. The technology was there and the ability to do amazing things was at their fingertips, but there was a disconnect somewhere between the user and the service. The name pays homage to a great product, real-world experience, and also serves as a reminder that even though technology may be quick, efficient, and beneficial, it has to be user-friendly or it doesn’t serve a purpose. And…the fact that foxes are bright, quick, attractive, and clever helps too.

Why Choose FoxFire Media?

In addition to everything listed above and elsewhere on this site, here are some other benefits to doing business with us:

We Fuel Missions
From its onset, FoxFire Media has been dedicated to making a lasting impact. As such, we donate at least 10% of our gross profits to missions, both home and abroad, youth camps and events, scholarships, orphanages, substance abuse recovery, and disaster relief through the Sheaves for Christ (SFC) program. Click Here for more information about this giving resource, what it does, and how to get involved!

Green Hosting
One of our primary goals is to leave every project and every situation better than we found it. This includes our environment. Experts estimate that the webhosting By purchasing wind energy credits and sending them back into the grid, we eliminate our carbon footprint and the footprint of two other companies our size. At the current rate, our services are 300% energy renewable, which makes us, not just carbon-neutral, but carbon-negative.Click Here to Learn More About Green Hosting.

Unmatched Performance
Each of our datacenters (Phoenix and Chicago) house multiple energy-efficient servers boasting Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors, 64GB DDR3 Ram, Cisco and Juniper Gigabit switch connectivity and SSD RAID-10 storage arrays for maximum performance & protection. With FoxFire, you’ll enjoy the benefits of 99.9% up-time, unlimited bandwidth, speed, and space, all for one low price. This means your site will operate and respond at its full capacity…every time.


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